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What are the monitoring points for wastewater from extraction pharmaceutical factories?

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
Let’s first understand what extraction pharmaceuticals are. Extraction pharmaceuticals actually refer to a manufacturing process that uses biochemical, chemical, and physical methods to extract and purify some basic substances that play important physiological roles in objects. In this article, what we are going to understand is the detection of wastewater in extraction pharmaceutical factories. For the discharge of wastewater from extraction pharmaceutical factories, its limit value, monitoring and control requirements, and the implementation and supervision of standards must comply with the corresponding regulations. Such standards need to be used in the management of wastewater from extraction pharmaceutical industries , to do some waste water treatment management work such as environmental impact assessment and environmental protection facility design. What are the monitoring points for pharmaceutical factory wastewater? What are the monitoring indicators? 1. How do extraction pharmaceutical factories install monitoring stations? In all extraction pharmaceutical factories, it is necessary to set monitoring points at the total discharge outlet of waste water, the domestic sewage discharge outlet where biological sewage is discharged into the external environment, and the rainwater discharge outlet. 2. What are the specific detection indicators? According to the above points, the detection indicators of the discharge outlet are divided. a) Monitoring indicators of the total discharge outlet of wastewater: total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, COD, TOC (total organic carbon), acute toxicity, chroma, suspended solids, pH, etc. 5 b) Familiar with the indicators of domestic sewage discharge outlets: dynamic Vegetable oil, flow rate, pH value, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, etc.; c) What are the indicators of rainwater discharge outlets? pH, COD, ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids, etc. To sum up, we can see that the monitoring indicators of wastewater basically include pH value, suspended solids, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, etc. These can be said to be some conventional indicators, and sewage and wastewater need to detect these indicators. And for the instruments used for these indicators, it is recommended to purchase a single-parameter water quality detector for operation, for example: to detect the content of TOC in wastewater, TOC online analyzer, this instrument is used to detect the parameter of TOC.
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