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What are the product features of the water quality detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
The water quality detector is a professional instrument for water quality component analysis. Each instrument has its product characteristics in practical application. Before we use an instrument, we can first understand what product characteristics it has, which can help We use it better. In order to facilitate everyone to understand the product features of the water quality detector, I will introduce it to you today. Product features of the water quality detector 1. The water quality detector supports COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, color, suspended solids, turbidity, heavy metals and other water pollution monitoring. 2. The LED cold light source has an optical life of about 100,000 hours, stable monitoring performance and accurate detection results. 3. The water quality detector is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which can perform data averaging calculations more than a dozen times per second, and cooperate with filtering algorithms to reduce interference and improve the accuracy of detection data. 4.32-bit ARM processor, with faster running speed and stronger stability. 5. High-definition color capacitive touch screen, the picture quality is clearer and the response is sensitive. 6. Made of ABS material, the shell has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. 7. The water quality measuring instrument and the digestion instrument adopt a split design, but it will not affect the stability of the light source system and optical sensor. 8. Automatic printing of monitoring data, with functions such as batch detection and guided detection mode. 9. With a guided operating system, the method of use is simpler. 10. With a pipette, light and durable, accurate pipetting. 11. The water quality detector is equipped with prefabricated reagents, no need for repeated pipetting, just add water samples in the test tube and then digest it to monitor the water quality. The above is the introduction to the product characteristics of the water quality detector. Compared with other types of instruments, it has many characteristics. It is precisely because the water quality detector has many functional features that its application fields are also very wide. of.
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