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What are the reasons for the error of the water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
Water quality detection is mainly to use a certain method to complete the detection of water quality, but whether the detection data is usually expressed by a limit digit, coupled with the lack of scientific and technological capabilities, the detection value and its authenticity A certain gap is generated, which is the error. What is the cause of the error of the water quality detector? It can be seen from the following points: If errors are divided according to their nature and production, they can be divided into three possibilities: systematic, random, and negligent errors. 1. System error, which can also be called measurable error, constant error, etc., refers to the error between the overall mean value and the true value of the total value of the detected quantity, which is caused by some constant factors in the working process. For example, the more turbid the water is, the greater the detection error will be. If it is serious, it will cause no detection. In addition, using an inappropriate instrument to detect a certain parameter of the water quality may cause a large error in the water quality detection. If under certain conditions, the error of the system will appear repeatedly, if the repeated detection data is almost the same, there is no need to continue, it can only show that the error of the device itself is large. 2. Random error, which can also be called accidental error, etc., is actually caused by the joint action of various random factors in the detection process. This error will affect the measurement results caused by some small fluctuations of many uncontrollable or controllable factors! If it is caused by factors such as environmental problems during the detection process, it can be seen as the superposition of errors caused by a large number of random factors. 3. Negligent error, also called gross error. This type of error obviously distorts the measurement results. This is because mistakes that should not be made in the work engineering value, such as poor maintenance, wrong reagents, and wrong samples, may cause errors. Negligent errors are There is no definite rule to speak of. In fact, for this kind of testing instrument, it is very unlikely that you want it to have no errors, so what we should do is to reduce the occurrence of errors and ensure that they are within an acceptable range!
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