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What are the results that affect the removal of residual chlorine

by:BOQU     2023-03-31
Chlorine gas is a serious hazard to the human body. It can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract. It can cause acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia. When the concentration is high, it can paralyze the respiratory center and cause 'lightning death'. Long-term inhalation of low-concentration chlorine will cause chronic poisoning, resulting in a large number of free radicals in the body and accelerating the aging of the human body. The main symptoms are rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, liver cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. When chlorine is added to water, it will dry out your hair, break it, and split ends. It will also cause your skin to bleach, peel off the skin layer, and produce extremely itchy psoriasis allergies. After chlorine is heated, it will react with carcinogens such as organic decay in water. In water treatment, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria in water, fungicides are often added to the water. Chlorine is commonly used, and a certain excess amount is maintained. This is residual chlorine. Residual chlorine can be divided into free residual air and combined residual chlorine. , which refers to free residual chlorine. In industrial water treatment, the removal of residual chlorine in water is mainly required by subsequent treatment devices. In order to prevent the ion exchange resin from being oxidized, the subsequent ion exchange system requires the residual chlorine content in the influent to be less than 0.1mg/L. The subsequent reverse osmosis device In order to prevent the reverse osmosis membrane from being oxidized, the residual chlorine in the influent is required to be zero (composite membrane) or less than 0.3mg/L (acetate cellulose membrane). Factors affecting the removal of residual chlorine (1) Although the particle size of activated carbon becomes smaller, it has little effect on the specific surface area of ​​activated carbon (about 0.02%), but the smaller particle size makes more pores inside open to the liquid phase, which is convenient for Adsorption and reaction of residual chlorine. (2) pH Since the pH of water affects the form of residual chlorine in water, it also affects the effect of activated carbon on removing residual chlorine. Residual chlorine in water mainly refers to Cl2, HOCl, and OCl-, and the ratio of the three changes with the change of pH. The removal rate of activated carbon for molecular HOCl is faster than that of ionic OCI-, so low pH has a great effect on the removal of residual chlorine in water by activated carbon. favorable. (3) The temperature test shows that the temperature increase is beneficial to the dechlorination of activated carbon, which is different from the physical adsorption law of activated carbon, which also shows that the dechlorination process of activated carbon cannot be regarded as a simple physical adsorption process. (4) The effect of water turbidity High water turbidity may block some pores of activated carbon, thereby hindering the diffusion of residual chlorine molecules to the active surface, thus reducing the dechlorination speed.
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