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What are the sewage online monitoring equipment?

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
Sewage is a common water quality for us. The water quality of our domestic discharge and industrial discharge water can be regarded as sewage. Because sewage usually contains a large amount of polluting impurities, it is not acceptable to discharge directly into the river network. It can only be discharged after passing the measurement of sewage monitoring equipment. In order to facilitate the better treatment of sewage, let me introduce the sewage online What is the monitoring equipment. What are the sewage online monitoring equipment 1. COD water quality analyzer: It can quickly measure the chemical oxygen demand in surface water, reclaimed water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and display it intuitively on the screen. The COD water quality analyzer is mainly used in Laboratory and other places to quickly measure the chemical oxygen demand of sewage. 2. Ammonia nitrogen water quality analyzer: Ammonia nitrogen water quality analysis can be set up for long-term continuous operation according to the requirements of use. It is mainly used in the monitoring of wastewater from industrial pollution sources, municipal wastewater, treatment plant wastewater, and environmental quality surface water. According to the on-site test environment, it can be Select appropriate preprocessing measures to ensure measurement stability and can be used in different environments. 3 Total phosphorus and total nitrogen water quality analyzer: It can measure the two parameters of total nitrogen and total phosphorus separately or simultaneously, mainly used in circulating cooling water monitoring, sewage discharge monitoring, surface water, river and lake water quality monitoring, drinking water source monitoring, tap water inflow Monitoring, sewage monitoring of sewage treatment plants, etc. 4. KNF-400C sewage online monitoring system is an integrated device that can measure various sewage parameters at the same time. It can play an online and early warning role for water quality COD, ammonia nitrogen, PH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature and other parameters. It is mainly used in waste disposal stations, sewage discharge, enterprise discharge and other sewage monitoring environments. The above four are common sewage online monitoring equipment, the first three are mainly single parameter monitoring equipment, and the KNF-400C sewage online monitoring system can monitor multiple parameters at the same time, and can realize unattended automatic operation.
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