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What are the special principles of COD ammonia nitrogen detector in detection

by:BOQU     2021-12-08

COD ammonia nitrogen detector has PID automatic adjustment technology and curve self-calibration. Automatic zero adjustment and other functions, which enhances the instrument's performance and stability; this portable COD ammonia nitrogen detector has a built-in lithium battery, which can be used for on-site COD detectors and Ammonia nitrogen detection; In addition, the COD ammonia nitrogen detector has a built-in micro thermal printer that can directly print experimental data; it is widely used in various industries such as laboratories, sewage treatment plants, universities, environmental monitoring departments, scientific research institutions and other industries for COD detection and Ammonia nitrogen detection.

The scope of application of COD ammonia nitrogen detector:

Sewage COD ammonia nitrogen detection equipment is widely used in environmental testing, sewage treatment, scientific research institutions and universities. It is suitable for the detection of COD and ammonia nitrogen in surface water, groundwater, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater.
The detection principle of COD ammonia nitrogen detector:

Sewage COD ammonia nitrogen detection instrument, COD determination adopts digestion tube closed catalytic digestion colorimetric method, ammonia nitrogen determination adopts Nessler's reagent colorimetric method, both of which are US EPA approved methods, and imported cold light source, narrowband interference technology, and microcomputer After automatically processing the data, the COD value and ammonia nitrogen value of the sample are directly displayed.

Product features of COD ammonia nitrogen detector:

1. With a USB interface, data can be transferred to a computer for storage.

2. It can save 80 standard curves and 1800 measured values.

3. Memory standard working curve, users can also calibrate the curve according to their needs.

4. It has a printing function, which can print the measured value immediately or query historical records.

5. One-key restore to factory settings, which can be quickly restored when the curve is lost due to misoperation.

6. The COD measurement uses EPA approved methods, in line with the HJ/T399-2007 standard, and the measurement is accurate and effective.

7.5-inch large-screen LCD screen, full Chinese display, direct reading of data, simple operation, and time-saving.

8. Digestion and colorimetric integration, no need to change the tube, simple determination. Fast, no safety hazards.

9. The determination of ammonia nitrogen uses the US EPA approved method, which complies with HJ535-2009, and the determination is accurate and effective.

10. Using an imported high-brightness long-life cold light source, optical performance, light source life of up to 100,000 hours.

11. With the data storage function and data power-off protection function, it is convenient to query historical measurement data. Prevent data loss.

12. The digester adopts intelligent PID temperature control technology and a double anti-over-temperature protection system, heating is safe and uniform. Fast speed. Through the digestion of COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, and other items.

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