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What are the technical indicators of the COD intelligent digestion instrument?

by:BOQU     2021-05-23

COD intelligent digestion instrument adopts high-temperature COD reflux digestion method to control the heating plate regularly, which can heat 6 250ML conical flask reflux devices at the same time. Using advanced digestion technology, has the advantages of rapid digestion, high efficiency, convenience, and large processing capacity. COD digestion instrument is suitable for food, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, chemical industry, biochemistry and other industries, as well as universities and scientific research departments for soil and feeds The sample digestion treatment before chemical analysis of, heavy metals, ore, etc. is suitable for use with analytical instruments such as atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, ICP-AES, etc.

The main technical indicators of the instrument:

Heating method: The instrument uses a ceramic infrared radiator and microcrystalline panel (the coefficient of thermal expansion is less than 1.6x10-6/℃ at 0℃-700℃, and the thermal conductivity is 1.7W/m.℃ at 90℃), cod The thermostatic digestion instrument is beautiful, acid and alkali resistant, and heat transfer uniform.

Digestion unit: six units, single hole single control, digestion temperature, timing time, nitrogen flow rate can be set freely.

Endpoint control: When the set digestion time is reached, the heating will be automatically stopped, the nitrogen flow will be automatically switched to the static flow, and the COD intelligent digestion instrument does not need to be guarded manually.

Chlorine gas absorption device: This instrument adopts a secondary absorption device, which fully reacts with the absorption liquid.

Refrigeration system: Built-in compressor cooling system, internal circulating water cooling, no external water source, multiple uses of water at one time, no external tap water, saving water resources.

Nitrogen blowing system: Imported proportional valve is adopted, nitrogen flow is digitally adjusted, and the flow is automatically closed-loop controlled according to pressure.

Range: ≥10mg/LCOD≤700mg/L of water sample (without dilution), exceeding water sample dilution test

Digestion bottle: Use PTFE joint threaded connection, good sealing effect, saving time and labor for installation and disassembly.

Condensation tube: The instrument adopts a linear bearing structure, which can slide up and down easily. The condensate inlet and outlet are connected by thread, which is convenient for cleaning and replacement.

The main features of the instrument:

COD intelligent digestion instrument adopts microcomputer technology to control the heating electric furnace at a time and can heat 12 digestion and reflux devices with 24 standard grinding mouths at the same time. To achieve the purpose of saving energy, reducing power load, and improving efficiency.

The use of glass burr return pipes instead of spherical return pipes, and the use of air cooling technology to replace tap water cooling, can save water and standardize the instrument, and at the same time improve the safety of the instrument.

The chemical solution preparation, operation, and COD calculation of the instrument are in full compliance with HJ828-2017, COD water samples below 50mg/L can be diluted with titrant and oxidant to improve the accuracy, COD water samples above 700mg/L, The measurement can be completed by diluting the proportion of the water sample.

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