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What are the types and principles of water quality detectors

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
The water quality detector is an instrument specially used to detect water quality components. Due to the turbidity, conductivity, COD and other parameters in the water, when these components need to be detected, a corresponding type of water quality detector is required, and Different types of instruments use different principles. In order to let everyone have a better understanding of water quality detectors, let me introduce the types and principles of water quality detectors. Types of water quality detectors There are many types of water quality detectors. At present, the most common types of instruments are: COD rapid detector, PH meter/acidity meter, conductivity meter, turbidity meter, residual chlorine and total chlorine detector, and more Parameter water quality tester, BOD tester, spectrophotometer, dissolved oxygen tester, water hardness tester, water quality ion tester, non-dispersive infrared oil tester, pesticide residue quick tester, water quality sampler and other types. Principles of water quality detectors Since there are many types of water quality detectors, let me introduce the principles of more common water quality detectors. 1. COD fast tester: COD fast tester is composed of COD host and digester, and has functions such as automatic temperature control, timing, zero adjustment, linear regression, curve storage and data printing during operation. Widely used in environmental protection, scientific research monitoring, production monitoring and other fields. 2. BOD tester: After detecting the organic matter in the water quality, it can be converted into nitrogen, carbon and sulfur oxides after biological oxidation. During this process, carbon dioxide gas will be released from the water sample, which can be absorbed by lithium hydroxide . Therefore, the reduction of air pressure in the bottle is equivalent to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by microorganisms. At this time, the BOD value in the detected water quality is directly proportional to the reduction of air pressure in the bottle, and the BOD can be accurately obtained by measuring the change of air pressure. value. 3. Turbidimeter: When a certain incident light is used to detect water quality through the same thickness and different turbidity, different transmitted light intensities can be obtained at this time. The extinction value is proportional to the turbidity. The turbidimeter measures the transmitted light. Strong, and then processed by the circuit, the turbidity value of the water quality can be obtained. This type of instrument is mainly used in the necessary inspection equipment required for QS certification in drinking water plants. 4. Dissolved Oxygen Meter: Dissolved Oxygen Meter is a device for detecting dissolved oxygen in water. Its working principle is to use oxygen to pass through the diaphragm and be reduced by the working electrode to generate a diffusion current proportional to the oxygen concentration. After this current, the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water can be obtained. There are many types of water quality detectors, and the principles adopted by different types of water quality detectors are also different. Therefore, before we select an instrument, we should clarify the testing requirements, and then choose the correct type of instrument according to this requirement.
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