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What are the types of industrial water testing in Shenzhen?

by:BOQU     2023-03-18
Industrial water mainly refers to the water used by various departments of industrial and mining enterprises in the industrial production process (or period), manufacturing, processing, cooling, air conditioning, washing, boilers, etc., as well as the general term for domestic water used by factory employees. That is, direct and indirect water use in industrial production, the amount of water used, water quality and water temperature. Generally speaking, it can be divided into raw material treatment water for aquatic products: slurry, chemical preparations, coatings, etc.; boiler water: low pressure, medium pressure boiler feed water; cooling water: direct flow, circulating water replenishment; washing water and temperature: slag flushing Ash flushing, smoke and dust removal, cleaning; process water: distillation, cooking, rinsing, hydraulic mining, hydraulic transportation, humidification, stirring, ore dressing, oilfield reinjection, humidity adjustment, and other water. Industrial water testing also includes testing of water sources. Today, we will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge of industrial water testing. Industrial water testing: 1. Production water testing: Water directly used in industrial production is called production water. Manufacturing water includes indirect cooling water. process water. Boiler water. 2. Indirect cooling water detection: In the industrial production process, in order to ensure that the production equipment can work at normal temperature to absorb or transfer the excess heat of the production equipment, the cooling water used for cooling water (through the heat exchanger wall or equipment will It is separated into indirect cooling water. 3. Process water detection: In industrial production, this part of water used to manufacture, process products, and related to the manufacturing process is called process water. Process water includes product water, cleaning water, and direct cooling 4. Product water testing: In the production process, part of the water required for the production of raw materials is called product water (this water is either used as a component of the product or participates in chemical reactions). 5. Washing water Inspection: In the production process, the water used for washing raw materials, raw materials, and semi-finished products is called water washing. 6. Direct cooling water inspection: In the production process, in order to meet the needs of the process, the cooling water or Semi-finished products (including temperature-adjusting and humidity-adjusting DC spray water) are called direct cooling water. 7. Other process water testing: product water, washing water, and process water other than direct cooling water are called other process water. 8 .Boiler water detection: for the process or heating. The steam required for power generation and the water required for boiler water treatment are collectively referred to as boiler water. Boiler water supply includes boiler feed water. Boiler water treatment water. 9. Boiler feed water detection: directly used to generate incoming The water for industrial steam is called boiler feed water. Boiler feed water consists of two parts: one is condensed water obtained from steam cooling, and the other is supplementary demineralized water. 10. Boiler water treatment water detection: when demineralized water is prepared for boilers, regeneration is required The water for projects such as flushing is called boiler water treatment water. 11. Domestic water testing: The domestic water for employees and other miscellaneous water used in factories and workshops are collectively referred to as domestic water.
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