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What are the types of water quality online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
The water quality online monitoring system is a kind of equipment for long-term monitoring of water quality, and it is a general term for water quality monitoring equipment. According to the use environment of the equipment, we can divide it into various types, and different types of water quality online monitoring systems have There will be some differences in functions, so let me introduce its types to you. What are the types of water quality online monitoring systems 1. Surface water online monitoring system: It can be used for water quality monitoring of drinking water sources, and does not require regular maintenance and consumables, and the cost of use is low. PH, turbidity, temperature, Conductivity, ammonia nitrogen, COD and other indicators, with a cloud platform, can upload data in real time and connect to the left screen for display. 2. Tap water online monitoring system: It is mainly used in the real-time analysis of water quality in the environment of tap water plants. It can monitor water quality turbidity, residual chlorine, PH, COD, temperature, conductivity and other indicators at the same time, and has an online early warning function. Moreover, it adopts a modular design, the installation process is relatively simple, and the subsequent use cost is low. It is very suitable for large-scale distribution of water quality monitoring. 3. Sewage on-line monitoring system: It is mainly used in waste water treatment stations, sewage discharge, enterprise sewage and other industries for sewage monitoring. It can simultaneously monitor COD, PH, ammonia nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature and other pollution parameters, with online and early warning effect. The system adopts a modular design, mainly composed of sensor units, data acquisition and transmission units, large-screen display units, Internet of Things and other components, to realize real-time online monitoring of pollution and effectively reduce environmental water pollution. The above three are common types of water quality online monitoring systems. In addition, there are other types of equipment, and their functions are different. Therefore, we can choose the correct type of water quality online monitoring according to monitoring needs. system.
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