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What are the water quality testing indicators in aquaculture?

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
In recent years, the aquaculture industry has continued to develop, and many people want to start in the aquaculture industry, but it is not an easy thing to do. Water is the key to fish farming. Water quality is the key to aquaculture. Many people are not aware of this. Water quality is not tested during aquaculture. With attention to changes in water quality, aquaculture fails. What indicators should we pay attention to when testing water quality in aquaculture? The first is dissolved oxygen, which is the life element of aquaculture animals. Aquaculture animals need to breathe oxygen in the water, hypoxia can cause their heads to float, and severe hypoxia can also cause death of aquaculture animals. Although mild anoxic fish and shrimp will not die, the fish and shrimp will be irritable and breathe fast, and the growth rate of fish and shrimp will slow down; too high dissolved oxygen in the water will cause fish and shrimp to suffer from air bubble disease. Then there is ammonia nitrogen. Ammonia nitrogen in aquaculture mainly comes from bait, excrement of aquatic animals, fertilizer, and animal and plant remains. The toxicity of ammonia to aquatic animals varies according to its concentration. Ammonia will act as an additive effect with other causes of aquatic animal diseases and accelerate their death; therefore, ammonia nitrogen in water quality should also be paid attention to, except for dissolved oxygen and ammonia nitrogen. There are still many indicators that need to be tested, which requires professional testing equipment to test. The aquaculture detector produced by our company is a detector suitable for industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming venues and other fields. It can detect ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, phosphate in water quality , hydrogen sulfide, total alkalinity and other indicators. It is suitable for pure water plants, tap water plants, domestic sewage treatment plants, industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming pools, water source protection, production monitoring, scientific research experiments, etc.
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