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What aspects of the data system of the river water quality online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
The river water quality online monitoring system is based on various online water quality sensors, and realizes data collection through online monitoring of water quality pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, water temperature, ammonia nitrogen, COD and other indicators, and collects data through wireless The communication network is transmitted to the background of the monitoring center, and the automatic analysis of the data is realized through the online automatic monitoring and early warning system of water quality, and the early warning information is output in time for the data exceeding the set value. Through this technology, the changes of various pollution indicators of water quality in the monitoring area can be grasped in real time, and the indicators exceeding the standard can be monitored, so as to remind the management department to find out the cause in time and eliminate the hidden danger of water pollution. The benefits obtained by summarizing, summarizing and analyzing the data obtained by the water quality online monitoring system are mainly reflected in the following aspects: ① It can monitor the upstream and downstream water quality of the target water area at high frequency and at multiple points, and realize early warning and Track water pollution incidents, provide technical support for environmental protection law enforcement departments to timely grasp the water quality status of key water bodies in major river basins, ensure that relevant departments and personnel clarify pollution sources and pollution levels in a timely manner, and effectively improve water environment safety; ②Due to the large amount of data in the automatic monitoring system Large and high frequency, it can dynamically respond to the temporal and spatial changes of water quality in the target water area, and provide effective data for comprehensive assessment; ③Using the collected automatic monitoring section data can provide a basis for the calculation of compensation funds for the ecological compensation mechanism, It is more reasonable and fair; ④It can also realize the simultaneous monitoring of the quality and quality of river sections, and can also perform preliminary automatic calculation of the total amount of pollutants according to the monitoring results. The river water quality online monitoring system is mainly composed of sensors, telemetry terminals (RTU), gateway base stations, servers, PC terminals or mobile APP terminals. ① Yushan small buoy system: Yushan small buoy system is specially developed for the field of surface water monitoring. It adopts a low center of gravity design, PE shell, EVA filling, and embedded screws to make the buoy run more stable and reliable. The diameter is only 80cm, and the weight is only 40KG. It can be placed manually without hoisting. It is suitable for online water quality monitoring of urban rivers and lakes. The buoy is powered by solar energy, and GPRS, 3G, 4G or NB-IOT can be selected for remote data transmission, and the data supports remote access by PC or mobile APP. It can be equipped with Yushan low-power intelligent water quality sensor, optional Yushan multi-parameter water quality sensor (7 parameters), UV254 COD and ammonia nitrogen, the sensor has a self-cleaning brush, does not require frequent maintenance, and is suitable for long-term online monitoring. ②Yushan extractive water quality micro-detection system: highly integrated sampling waterway unit, measurement water tank unit, electric control and display unit, data acquisition and Internet of Things unit, to realize automatic sampling, automatic measurement, local storage of measurement data, and remote upload of data to the cloud platform and other functions. Adapt to various water quality monitoring occasions. Applicable occasions: monitoring of surface water such as rivers, lakes, and river courses, monitoring of underground sewage pipe networks, etc. ③Yushan pole micro-water quality monitoring station system: sensors can be placed in rivers or lakes that need to be monitored. The micro-monitoring station system is equipped with a wireless transmission module, which transmits information through wireless networks (4G, GPRS, LoRa, Zigbee, etc.) Transmission to the Internet network, so as to realize the remote transmission of data. After the management center receives the data, as long as there is an Internet network, whether it is a laptop, mobile phone or other communication tools, it can view online data in real time and manage sensors and other equipment. If the device is found to be abnormal by remote viewing, the decision-making layer can quickly formulate a work plan and arrange staff to conduct on-site inspections.
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