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What basic factors should be considered before choosing wastewater treatment equipment?

by:BOQU     2023-04-09
When carrying out wastewater treatment, we will face different types of wastewater, such as chemical wastewater, aquaculture wastewater, medical wastewater, domestic wastewater, etc. The nature of wastewater is different, and the process of wastewater treatment equipment used is also different. So what basic factors should be considered before choosing wastewater treatment equipment? 1. Wastewater quality: The quality of domestic sewage is usually relatively stable, and the general treatment methods include acidification, aerobic biological treatment, disinfection, etc. Industrial wastewater should be reasonably selected according to the specific water quality. Medical wastewater should pay attention to the selection of disinfection process. 2. The degree of wastewater treatment equipment: This is the main basis for the selection of wastewater treatment equipment process. In principle, the degree of wastewater treatment equipment depends on the water quality characteristics of the sewage, the destination of the treated water and the self-purification ability of the water body into which the sewage flows. But at present, the determination of the level of wastewater treatment equipment is mainly in accordance with the relevant legal system and technical policy requirements of the country. 3. Construction and operation costs: When considering construction and operation costs, the precondition should be that the treated water meets the water quality standards. Under this premise, the technological process with low engineering construction and operating costs should be paid attention to. In addition, reducing the floor space is also an important measure to reduce construction costs. 4. Difficulty of engineering construction: The difficulty of engineering construction is also one of the factors influencing the selection of technological process. For example, where the groundwater level is high and the geological conditions are poor, it is not suitable to use treatment structures with large depth and high construction difficulty. 5. Local natural and social conditions: Local topography, climate and other natural conditions also have a certain impact on the selection of wastewater treatment processes. If the local climate is cold, after taking appropriate technical measures, it should be adopted to ensure that the wastewater treatment equipment can operate normally in the low temperature season and obtain the water quality up to the standard. 6. The amount of wastewater: In addition to water quality, the amount of wastewater is also one of the influencing factors. For wastewater with large changes in water volume and water quality, wastewater treatment equipment should first consider adopting processes with strong impact load resistance, or consider setting up buffer equipment such as regulating tanks to minimize adverse effects. 7. Whether there are new contradictions in the treatment process: During the process of wastewater treatment equipment, attention should be paid to whether it will cause secondary pollution. For example, wastewater from a pharmaceutical factory contains a large amount of organic substances (such as benzene, toluene, etc.), and organic waste gas will be emitted during the aeration process, which will affect the surrounding atmospheric environment.
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