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What can the multi-parameter monitor of direct drinking water quality be used for? What parameters are there?

by:BOQU     2022-02-13

Water is the source of our life. The multi-parameter monitor of direct drinking water quality can be used for online monitoring of water quality of raw water, effluent and pipe network. In terms of water quality, our country has strict standards. Before talking about the multi-parameter monitor of direct drinking water water quality, let's take a look at what direct drinking water is and what standards it needs.

Drinking water, also known as healthy living water, refers to water that is free from pollution and degradation and meets the physiological needs of the human body and can be directly drunk. Generally, the water supply of different quality is directly connected to the households. Using a special process, the tap water is deeply processed into pure water that can be directly drunk, and then it is output through food hygiene-grade pipelines directly to the households, so as to achieve the quality and diversion of drinking water and domestic water, achieve the purpose of direct drinking, and meet the requirements of high quality and excellent use. , Low quality and low use requirements. This directly drinkable pure water can be divided into pure water or purified water. Direct drinking water is clearer in appearance and tastes better than ordinary drinking water. Most of the drinking water for residents is mainly filtered water from the waterworks, which looks slightly turbid in appearance, and even there are other sundries in the pipes.

Technical parameters of direct drinking water quality multi-parameter monitor:

1. Measuring range: pH: 0.01-14.00; Conductivity: 0.01-30000μs/cm; Turbidity: 0.01-20.00NTU;

2. Dissolved oxygen: 0.01-20.0mg/L; residual chlorine: 0.01-5.00mg/L; temperature: 0.1-100.0℃;

3. Measurement error: pH: plus or minus 0.02pH; conductivity: ±1%F.S; turbidity: ±1%.

With the improvement of our people's living standards, people's requirements for drinking water are getting higher and stricter. Therefore, it is indispensable to use a multi-parameter monitor for drinking water quality before drinking. The monitor adopts a 7-inch color touch screen intelligent operating system, and a graphical UI design based on the testing process. The operating interface is simple and clear, easy to teach and learn. It has played a significant technical advantage in the online detection of drinking water, surface water, aquaculture water, industrial wastewater, medical wastewater, and other water bodies.

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