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What does a water quality analyzer do?

by:BOQU     2022-03-01

The pollution of natural water will directly affect the whole ecological environment. The water needs of many industries, such as food production or aquaculture, require regular water quality testing. Various water quality indicators correspond to different instruments and methods.

What is the role of a water quality analyzer?

1. If it is a natural water body, such as a lake, a river, or a pond for aquaculture, it needs dissolved oxygen - the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. The water is full of oxygen, which means that large numbers of plankton and single-celled algae use photosynthesis to produce oxygen, a nutrient for other organisms to survive.

2. When the water is polluted, many organic pollutants will consume oxygen, reduce the capacity rapidly, and even make the water black and smelly. Dissolved oxygen can be measured chemically. Multi-parameter water quality analyzers are widely used in practical monitoring due to their high accuracy and are not limited by the use environment.

3. A series of kits are also used in the water quality test, combining the advantages of chemical methods and instruments. It can be used in the field like a hand-held device, does not require the sample to be sent to the laboratory, and can be tested very quickly. The basic principle of the medicine cabinet is the chemical method. This is a pre-formulated reagent. For quantitative detection, water can be taken as a sample and obtained by a simple titration method. Generally, a colorimetric card is used for quantitative detection.

4. Water quality testing is a common need, many enterprises, and farmers, and even individuals and families are very concerned about water quality, and new products are constantly emerging. For example, portable detectors and quick test strips can directly measure various indicators, which can provide an important reference for reality.

Characteristics of water quality analysis instruments:

1. Water quality analysis instruments can be widely used in industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming places and other fields. It can be quickly, easily, accurately and stably measured in combination with the rapid color developer.

2. The water quality analysis instrument has a beautiful appearance, simple operation interface and accurate detection system, which helps users to obtain fine data, analyze water conditions more accurately and effectively, prevent breeding risks in advance, and avoid losses.

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