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What factors affect the test results of the multi-parameter water quality analyzer?

by:BOQU     2021-09-10

As we all know, water quality is easily interfered with by many factors during testing, including factors such as the quality of the multi parameter water quality meter measuring instrument itself, other substances in the water body, and experimental utensils. It is mainly caused by other substances in the water body and the residues of experimental utensils. For example, when using photoelectric colorimetry to test the content of heavy metals in water, the requirements for color reagents are very high. Choosing the right color reagent can effectively eliminate the interference between metals.  After the water quality detector is operated, the experimental utensils must be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise, the residual substances will directly affect the next test result.

In addition, the spillage of the experimental vessel itself will also have a certain impact on the water quality test results. In the experiment, the experimental utensils that carry water samples are mainly made of glass and plastic. Only glass utensils are used for inaccurate quantitative analysis. However, plastic utensils are used in general detection experiments. At that time, it needs to be included in the production. Plasticizers, stabilizers, antioxidants, flame retardants, and many other substances, and these substances will be diluted under certain conditions. The above is an analysis that affects the results of the multi-parameter water quality analyzer.

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