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What factors will affect the detection results of the ORP sensor

by:BOQU     2023-03-21
Everyone knows that many detection items must be supported by corresponding sensors, so in daily use, everyone should be extra careful with these sensing elements, especially some portable water quality detection instruments. Although these sensors are all precision types of components, sometimes there will be some errors in use. For example, in the detection of industrial wastewater, the measurement data of ORP is very important. In actual operation, there are some factors that will affect the detection result of the ORP sensor. Therefore, when you use the water quality analyzer to test the ORP data, you must pay attention to two important factors. The first factor: the influence of the water temperature on the measurement results during the test. The second factor: the problem of the ORP sensor of the analyzer itself. First of all, let's talk about the influence of water temperature when detecting ORP. Anyone who is familiar with water quality analysis instruments knows that the working principle of the ORP sensor is to measure through the inert metal platinum of the sensing probe. Because the ORP sensor probe does not have temperature compensation. Some ORP sensors that have been used for a long time are easily affected by the temperature of the water body, resulting in errors in the voltage output of the sensor. Therefore, when analyzing the ORP data of water quality, it is necessary to calibrate according to different temperatures. The second is the problem of the ORP sensor itself. For example, the ORP sensor probe is polluted by the outside, which may cause errors in the analysis results. When using a water quality analyzer to detect ORP data on a daily basis, if the ORP sensor probe is found to be contaminated by external substances, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. Generally, most of the cleaning methods are soaked first and then cleaned. Generally, it can be used Soak in a special cleaning agent, but we need to remind everyone that in the process of wiping with a cotton swab, avoid damaging the glass bulb of the sensor. The ORP sensor is mainly used for the oxygen reduction potential of the solution. It can not only detect the water body, but also detect the ORP data in the soil and the medium. Therefore, it is also the sensor with the most applications. Usually it will be used together with the pH sensor. use.
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