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What habits make the conductivity meter use stably for a long time

by:BOQU     2023-03-15
The conductivity meter is a multi-range instrument that can meet the detection requirements of various applications from deionized water to seawater. The instrument provides automatic temperature compensation and can set the temperature coefficient, so it can be used to measure liquid samples with a different temperature coefficient than water. The instrument should be placed on a level surface with sufficient bearing capacity; ensure that the instrument is well grounded to prevent electric shock; when the instrument is in use, there should be no vibration around the instrument, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy of the instrument; this instrument can be used stably for a long time, and the sample should be properly cleaned after cleaning. Save used electrodes. 1. The socket of the instrument should be kept clean and dry, and should not be in contact with acid, alkali, or salt solution to prevent moisture and ensure the insulation of the instrument. 2. When using in a place with high ambient humidity, the electrode plug should be wiped dry with a clean gauze. 3. When the conductive electrode is not used for a short time, it is recommended to soak the platinum electrode in deionized water. If it is used for more than 6 hours or stored for a long time, it is recommended to store it in an empty bottle after cleaning. 4. The cell constant of the conductive electrode may change after being placed or used for a period of time and needs to be recalibrated. 5. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the electrode should be washed twice with 0.5μS/cm deionized water (or distilled water) before use, and then measured with the sample to be tested. Soak in water and ethanol for 1 minute, then rinse thoroughly with deionized water. 7. Organic stains on the electrode can be cleaned with warm water or alcohol containing detergent. Calcium and magnesium are best precipitated with 10% citric acid. 8. Electrodes coated with platinum black can only be cleaned by chemical methods. Mechanical cleaning with a soft brush will damage the electrode surface coating (platinum black). Note that some chemical cleaning methods may regenerate or damage the slightly contaminated platinum black layer. 9. The bright platinum electrodes can be cleaned mechanically with a soft brush. Do not scratch the electrode surface. Do not use hard objects such as screwdrivers to clean the electrode surface. Even mechanical cleaning with a soft-bristle brush requires special attention.
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