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What industries can the portable water quality detector be applied to?

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
Water is the source of life and one of the indispensable substances in our life, so the health of water is very important to our life, so it is necessary to test various indicators in the water to better ensure the safety of water quality. The use of the portable water quality detector can detect various indicators in the water more conveniently and quickly. What industries can this instrument be used for? The hand-held water quality detector is a testing instrument developed and produced by Shanghai BOQU Instruments. It is a detector suitable for industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming venues and other fields. , Stable” for measurement, with exquisite appearance, simple operation interface, accurate detection system, help users obtain fine data, and analyze water conditions more accurately and effectively. The portable water quality detector can be applied to pure water plants, tap water plants, domestic sewage treatment plants, industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming venues, water source protection, production monitoring, scientific research experiments, etc.
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