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What is BOD biochemical oxygen demand detection instrument

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
1. What is Biochemical Oxygen Demand? Biochemical oxygen demand (often denoted as BOD) refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed during the biochemical reaction of microorganisms decomposing biodegradable organic matter present in water under certain conditions. Expressed in mg/L or percentage, ppm. It is a comprehensive indicator reflecting the content of organic pollutants in water. If the time for biological oxidation is five days, it is called five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), and there are BOD10 and BOD20 accordingly. 2. Detection method of biochemical oxygen demand Many dissolved organic substances have spectral characteristics that can absorb ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254nm. A xenon lamp produces ultraviolet radiation which passes through the sample water in a quartz measuring cell. The receiver analyzes light pulses at two different wavelengths, a measurement wavelength (254nm) and a reference wavelength (590nm), where the light is not affected by the presence of organic compounds. 3. Advantages of Biochemical Oxygen Demand Water Quality Analyzer BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand has a double-compartment housing to ensure complete separation of electronic products from wet parts. The analyzer adopts the principle of UV spectrum measurement and does not require chemical reagents, thereby reducing maintenance costs and operating steps. It uses a xenon lamp with high stability and long service life as the ultraviolet light source, which is an ideal light source for the ultraviolet water quality analyzer. 3S BOD can extend the measurement range of the UV color analyzer using the internal dilution module. BOD adopts a color graphic touch screen interface to display measured values ​​and status information, easy-to-access menu and function interface, freely switchable in multiple languages; data logger with USB download. An automatic calibration verification wash function for BOD is optional and is a standard feature that can significantly reduce downtime and operator intervention to ensure the most accurate results. The user can freely set the time intervals for verification, cleaning and calibration. The BOD is factory tested and requires only connection of power, sample and reagent lines for the analyzer to operate. BOD can choose single/dual-channel version, and can also increase up to 4-channel sampling by adding an external controller. At the same time, the BOD Biochemical Oxygen Demand Analyzer adopts a dual-flow version, which can give two measurement values ​​in one instrument. Each stream can be high range or low range with different correlation/dilution factors. 4. Biochemical oxygen demand application field BOD biochemical oxygen demand online water quality detector is widely used in many industries, mainly used in urban wastewater industry, drinking water industry, industrial wastewater, monitoring process liquid, river and surface water and water consumption In the field of water quality measurement for distribution or discharge.
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