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What is ORP, the application of ORP test

by:BOQU     2023-04-12
1. Overview ORP is the abbreviation of Oxidation-Reduction Potential in English, which means the oxidation-reduction potential of the solution. The ORP value is a measure of the oxidation-reduction capacity of an aqueous solution, and its unit is mv. It consists of ORP compound electrode and mv meter. The ORP electrode is an electrode that can absorb or release electrons on the surface of its sensitive layer. The sensitive layer is an inert metal, usually made of platinum and gold. The reference electrode is the same silver/silver chloride electrode as the pH electrode. In natural water bodies, there are a variety of ions and dissolved oxygen with variable prices. When some industrial sewage is discharged into the water, the water contains a large amount of ions and organic substances. Due to the different properties of the ions, oxidation-reduction reactions occur in the water body and tend to Therefore, in the natural water body, it is not a single redox system, but a redox mixed system. What the measuring electrode reflects is also a mixed potential, which has a large experimental error. In addition, the pH value of the solution also has an impact on the ORP value. Therefore, it is meaningless to emphasize the potential of the solution in the actual measurement process. We can say that the ORP value of the solution indicates a reduction or oxidation state of the solution near a certain numerical point, or indicates a certain property of the solution (such as the degree of hygiene, etc.), but this value will be quite different, you It cannot be determined quantitatively, which is two concepts with the accuracy in pH testing. In addition, the temperature coefficient affecting the ORP value is also a variable and cannot be corrected, so ORP meters generally do not have a temperature compensation function. 2. Scope of application 1. Industrial sewage treatment The redox system used in water treatment is mainly the reduction of chromic acid and the oxidation of cyanide. If sodium disulfide or sulfur dioxide is added to wastewater, hexavalent chromium ions can be changed into trivalent chromium ions. The addition of chlorine or sodium hypochlorite can be used to oxidize cyanide, followed by hydrolysis of cyanogen chloride to form cyanate. This chemical reaction process is called redox reaction system. The redox potential is a measure of electron activity, which is very similar to the method used to measure the activity of hydrogen ions. 2. Water disinfection and application The redox electrode can measure the disinfection effect of swimming pool water, mineral water and tap water. Because the bactericidal effect of coliform bacteria in water is affected by the oxidation-reduction potential, the oxidation-reduction potential is a reliable indicator of water quality. If the redox potential value of pool water and mineral water is equal to or higher than 650mv, it means that the bacteria content in it is acceptable. 3. Electrode installation and inspection 1. The redox electrode can be used on any pH/mv meter. 2. There is no need to calibrate the ORP meter when using it, just use it directly. Only when you have doubts about the quality of the ORP electrode or the test results, you can use the ORP standard solution to check whether the potential is between 200-275mv to judge whether the ORP electrode or the instrument is good or bad . 3. ORP measurement electrode (platinum or gold), its surface should be bright, rough or polluted surface will affect the potential (mv) of the electrode. It can be cleaned and activated by the following methods. (1) For inorganic pollution, the electrode can be immersed in 0.1mol/L dilute hydrochloric acid for 30 minutes, washed with pure water, and then immersed in 3.5MOL/L potassium chloride solution for 6 hours before use. (2) For organic oil pollution and oil film pollution, the surface of platinum or gold can be cleaned with detergent and then cleaned with pure water, and then immersed in 3.5MOL/L potassium chloride solution for 6 hours before use. (3) Platinum surface is seriously polluted to form an oxide film. You can use toothpaste to polish the platinum or gold surface, then wash it with pure water, and then immerse it in 3.5MOL/L potassium chloride solution for 6 hours before using it.
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