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What is Permanganate Value (PV)?

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
The difference between cod and permanganate index is: cod is an index representing two methods, and permanganate index is one of them. COD includes manganese method and chromium method, and the permanganate index refers to the detection value of manganese method. Introduction to Permanganate Index In previous water quality monitoring and analysis, there was also a potassium permanganate method called chemical oxygen demand. However, because this method can only partially oxidize organic matter in water under specified conditions, it is not a theoretical oxygen demand, nor is it a measure to reflect the total organic matter content in water. Therefore, the term permanganate index is used As an indicator of water quality, the chemical oxygen demand is different from the potassium dichromate method, which is more in line with the objective reality. The chemical oxygen demand measured with potassium permanganate solution as the oxidant was formerly known as manganese method chemical oxygen demand. In my country's new environmental water quality standards, this value has been renamed the permanganate index, and only the value measured by the acidic potassium dichromate method is called the chemical oxygen demand. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recommends that the potassium permanganate method is limited to the determination of surface water, drinking water and domestic sewage, and is not suitable for industrial wastewater. Definition: Under certain conditions, potassium permanganate is used to oxidize certain organic and inorganic reducing substances in water samples, and the corresponding oxygen content is calculated from the amount of potassium permanganate consumed. The permanganate index cannot be used as an indicator of theoretical oxygen demand or total organic matter content, because under specified conditions, many organic matter can only be partially oxidized, and volatile organic matter is not included in the measured value. Determining the permanganate value (PV) of sewage and effluent can help indicate the oxygen demand of waste streams during treatment and prior to discharge. It represents the concentration of substances in a waste stream that can be oxidized by potassium permanganate under acidic conditions. Usually expressed as the amount of oxygen consumed per liter of water (mg/LO?2? or ppm O?2) Like COD, the use of oxidizing agents and acidic conditions is intended to accelerate the chemical and microbial oxidation of organic matter that occurs in natural waters. It cannot be used as a definitive measure of theoretical oxygen demand or total organic matter because many compounds are only partially oxidized during the test, so it is best to perform a full COD test when possible. Summary: Permanganate values ​​can be used directly to quantify water quality or converted to estimates of COD, BOD or TOC values.
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