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What is residual chlorine and how to choose a residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-18
The residual chlorine detector is widely used in water quality treatment projects such as water plants, drinking water distribution networks, cooling circulating water, water production equipment, swimming pools, hospitals, etc., and is matched with chlorine dioxide generators. According to the measurement principle, the residual chlorine detector can be divided into three types: constant voltage method residual chlorine detector, DPD method residual chlorine detector, and membrane method residual chlorine detector. Then we should choose residual chlorine detector in actual working conditions. As for the chlorine detector, let us understand a few basic concepts together; Free chlorine——lv qi generates HClO and ClO- in water, and the sum of HClO and ClO-"free chlorine". Among them, free chlorine has a strong killing effect on bacteria and other microorganisms, and is an effective anti-virus component in free chlorine, so HClO is also called"available free chlorine". Combined chlorine—Before the free chlorine plays a bactericidal role, since there are various impurities such as ammonium ions and organic substances dissolved in the water, these impurities will first react with the free chlorine and consume a part of the free chlorine. For example, free chlorine quickly reacts with ammonium ions in solution to form monochloramine and dichloramine. Over a longer period of time, free chlorine also reacts with organic compounds (such as proteins and amino acids) to form various organochlorine compounds. Chloramines and organochlorine compounds together are called combined chlorine. Total chlorine—combined chlorine plus free chlorine is the total chlorine in the solution, called total chlorine. Among these substances, only free chlorine is an effective disinfectant, and combined chlorine has almost no killing ability. Only when the above-mentioned chlorine consumption needs are met, there will be excess free chlorine to kill bacteria. Chlorine addition—the amount of chlorine added during chlorination disinfection is called chlorine addition, and the amount of chlorine addition should include two parts: chlorine demand and residual chlorine. Chlorine demand refers to the amount of chlorine required to kill bacteria and oxidize organic and reducing substances. The amount of residual chlorine - refers to the amount of chlorine remaining in the water for the re-reproduction of residual bacteria in the water, called residual chlorine or residual chlorine. Some people refer to free chlorine as residual chlorine, which is not accurate, and the remaining free chlorine after killing bacteria is residual chlorine. In order to maintain the effect of killing bacteria, the amount of residual chlorine in the effluent water should always be kept at 0.5-1 mg/L, and the residual chlorine at the end of the water supply pipe network should also be kept at 0.05-0.1 mg/L. An instrument that measures the remaining free chlorine in effluent water is called a chlorine detector.
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