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What is sewage detection cod

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
Generally, when we test water quality, we usually need to measure multiple water quality parameters at the same time, such as common PH, ammonia nitrogen, COD and other parameters. They represent different meanings, and COD is also one of the important indicators for judging water quality. Then Do you know what COD means? What is COD in sewage detection The full name of 'COD' in sewage detection is 'Chemical Oxygen Demand' (chemical oxygen demand), which refers to the amount of oxidant consumed when a certain amount of strong oxidant is used to treat water quality samples under certain specific conditions. COD is an important indicator reflecting the amount of reducing substances in water. Reducing substances in water include various organic substances, nitrite, sulfide, ferrous salt, etc., but the main substances are still organic substances. Generally, the amount of organic matter in wastewater is far greater than that of inorganic matter, so COD can also represent the total amount of organic matter in wastewater. COD refers to an important indicator of organic pollution of standard water bodies. The larger the COD value, the more serious the water body is polluted. The common methods used to measure COD are mainly by acidic potassium permanganate oxidation and potassium dichromate oxidation. Under the measurement conditions that meet the requirements, the organic substances without nitrogen in the water quality are easily oxidized by potassium permanganate, while the organic substances containing nitrogen are difficult to be decomposed. Therefore, the potassium permanganate oxidation method is suitable for the determination of natural water or general wastewater containing easily oxidized organic matter, while the organic industrial wastewater with complex components generally requires the determination of chemical oxygen demand by the potassium dichromate oxidation method. COD represents one of the important indicators in water quality testing. When we are testing polluted water such as sewage, we can judge the water quality according to the COD parameters, and then take some treatment measures based on the measured data.
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