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What is the BOD biofilm method?

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
What is BOD biofilm method? It is a sewage treatment method developed by imitating the principle of soil self-purification; it is mainly reflected in the form of microorganisms. If you compare microorganisms to flour, biofilm is thin bread, the kind that sticks to the pan... This pan is used to grow BOD biofilm and cannot be thrown around. The scientific name is carrier, and it is also called filler, filter Materials and the like. There are some differences in their materials and shapes, but they are all the same for the creatures themselves, they are all places to live and work. Hold a handful of flour and blow it, and the flour will scatter away; hold a pot of cake and blow it, and the cake will not move at all... This means that the microorganisms on the biofilm can stay in the biological pool for a long time without being carried away by the water flow Come on a trip that just goes away. Many microorganisms with a long period of time can also reproduce stably on biofilms, such as nitrifying bacteria. Moreover, the cake is relatively solid. A handful of flour can turn a pot of water into a paste, but it is absolutely impossible to make a cake that can fill the entire pot. This shows that the concentration of microorganisms in the biofilm method is quite high, and the treatment efficiency will naturally increase. In addition, the pots are quite solid. There are tens of thousands of pots in a pool. The air bubbles squeezed out from the aeration holes can no longer find a straight path to the water surface. They have to swim between the pots. It's a winding road. Detours will take more time, which means more oxygen dissolves in water, which means that the explosion efficiency is improved, which means that the fan can be turned down, which means electricity bills... Microorganisms will multiply and spread out with microorganisms The cake will also thicken by itself, and the cake is also divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is aerobic bacteria, and the lower layer is anaerobic or facultative bacteria, because the dissolved oxygen is consumed before penetrating to the lower layer. The thickened cake will not stick to the pan all the time, and will fall off when it reaches a certain thickness. On the one hand, because the cake is too thick, the impact of water flow is aggravated; on the other hand, the lower layer of cake is smeared with 'oil', which is the product of anaerobic reaction of microorganisms, which weakens the adhesion of biofilm BOD. But after all, it is a cake that sticks to the pan, even if it is forcibly torn off, there will still be a little sticking to the pan. These microorganisms are still working on water treatment, and sooner or later they can reproduce into new membranes, which ensures the metabolism of the entire system. Based on the same principle, when encountering flow shock or toxic substances, the biofilm will not lose all its functions, which ensures the strong impact resistance of the biofilm method.
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