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What is the cause of water pollution?

by:BOQU     2023-04-08
People's living standards are indeed constantly improving, but water pollution has always existed. What is going on here? What is the cause of water pollution? In this chapter, manufacturers of water quality online monitors come to learn about the causes of water pollution! 1. The pollution of water bodies caused by human production activities, among which the pollution of water bodies caused by industry is obvious. (For example: industrial wastewater contains a lot of pollutants and has complex components. It is not only difficult to purify but also difficult to treat in water.) Industrial wastewater is an important factor in water pollution caused by industrial pollution. It accounts for a large part of industrial pollutants. part. The pollutants contained will vary due to the different types of factories. Even for the same type of project, the production process is different, and the pollutant content contained in it will also vary. In addition to the waste water discharged by the industry, which will be directly injected into the water body to cause pollution, there is also solid waste and exhaust gas that will also cause water pollution. 2. Agricultural pollution, which is mainly due to the loosening of the land surface due to farming or land reclamation. When the soil and terrain are not stable, it rains, causing a large amount of sediment to flow into the water, thereby increasing the suspended solids in the water. Also, whether it is growing vegetables or rice, etc. nowadays, it is very common to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Only a small amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers used will be absorbed, but most of them are still in the soil and floating in the atmosphere. They also enter and infiltrate surface water through rainfall and surface runoff to form pollution. 3. Urban pollution. In large cities, there are not only large populations but also many types. Naturally, there are also many domestic sewage, garbage and exhaust gas, which cause water pollution. But it mainly comes from domestic sewage, which is a mixture of various sewage generated in people's lives (for example: sewage discharged from kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, etc.). Every drop of its sewage will pollute several times or even more water bodies. But we don’t want the situation to deteriorate. Relevant departments require major enterprises to install online water quality monitors at their sewage outlets. This is a good performance!
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