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What is the difference between an online ORP meter and a pH meter?

by:BOQU     2022-01-19

An online ORP meter is also called a redox potential online analyzer. What the measuring electrode reflects is also a mixed potential, which has great experimental errors. In addition, the pH value of the solution also affects the ORP value. Therefore, it is meaningless to focus on the positive potential of the solution in the actual measurement process. We can say that the ORP value of the solution indicates a reduction or oxidation state of the solution near a certain value point, or indicates a certain property of the solution (such as hygiene level, etc.), but this value will be quite different and cannot be Quantitative confirmation of it is two concepts from accuracy in pH testing. In addition, the temperature coefficient that affects the ORP value is also a variable and cannot be corrected, so the ORP meter generally does not have a temperature compensation function.

The ORP of the online ORP meter is the abbreviation of Oxidation-Reduction Potential in English, which indicates the redox potential of the solution. The ORP value is a measure of the redox capacity of an aqueous solution, and its unit is mv. It consists of ORP combined electrode and mv meter. An ORP electrode is an electrode that can absorb or release electrons on the surface of its sensitive layer, which is an inert metal, usually made of platinum and gold. The reference electrode is the same silver/silver chloride electrode as the pH electrode.

Online ORP meter is often used for continuous monitoring of potential value in solution, pH meter is used for pH detection, general pH meter can also measure ORP value, on the display adjustment button on the pH meter, there is a note It is clear that the button with the word 'mv' stops, and the mv file measures the redox potential (ORP). The pH meter and the ORP meter can share a display meter, but use different electrodes, and the ORP meter uses an ORP electrode.

Redox electrodes can be used with any pH/mv meter. The ORP meter does not need to be calibrated when used and can be used directly. As long as there is any doubt about the quality of the ORP electrode or the test results, the ORP standard solution can be used to check whether the potential is between 200-275mv to judge the quality of the ORP electrode or the instrument. ORP measuring electrodes (platinum or gold) should have a bright surface, rough or contaminated surfaces will affect the potential (mv) of the electrode.

On-line monitoring of redox potential ORP can reflect the relative amount of oxidizing substances or reducing substances in the pool. The ORP analyzer can also reflect the quality of redox progress. Using ORP indicators to adjust the process flow can play a role in A multiplier effect.

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