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What is the difference between domestic sewage and domestic wastewater?

by:BOQU     2023-03-18
In fact, waste water and sewage itself are different, so domestic sewage and domestic waste water are also different, but what is the difference? In this article, let's make a simple understanding! The main reason is to distinguish different sources. Domestic sewage is discharged from toilets, and it needs to be treated in septic tanks or sewage treatment facilities before it can be discharged. If it is recycled, the cost is also very high; while domestic wastewater is less polluted than sewage. A lot of water is discharged from washing hands, laundry, bathing, etc. This type of recycling is much easier than sewage. In addition, after wastewater treatment, it can still be used to flush toilets and miscellaneous water. In some buildings, when the water supply and drainage pipelines are designed, sewage and waste flow together. That is, the toilet and hand washing water are combined and discharged through the standpipe, but the water reuse system must be distinguished. In fact, in our surroundings, a lot of domestic wastewater is directly discharged into rivers, and this phenomenon is more obvious in small places. The domestic sewage with feces is discharged after being collected and treated. The components of pollutants in wastewater are relatively complex, and it is difficult to achieve the purpose of purification by a single method of treatment. Therefore, people in working days will use several methods to form a treatment system so that the treatment requirements can be met. In addition, it is necessary to observe the degree of processing, which can be divided into three stages: primary processing, secondary processing and advanced processing! What are the difficulties in domestic sewage treatment? Compared with the sewage produced by factories, the concentration of sewage produced in domestic manufacturing will be lower. In addition, the composition and quality of sewage produced by different domestic water facilities are different, so there will be some problems in the treatment of domestic sewage, which can be obtained from the following A few points to analyze: 1. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for domestic water is naturally increasing. At this time, urban sewage pollution has become the 'object' we pay attention to. In fact, as far as the current situation is concerned, urban domestic water pollution and seasonal changes are difficult to control, so it will be more difficult to treat the sewage. 2. Another point is that the actual operation process of water pollution treatment technology will be affected by the external environment. In addition, in different regions or without economic development, it will have a certain impact on domestic sewage treatment technology. With the constant changes in the natural environment, the effect of urban sewage treatment is not very ideal! Even so, the relevant departments are still working hard to make their domestic sewage treatment work more and more perfect! In addition, there is a link in the sewage treatment process: 'Sewage monitoring!' Different indicators in the sewage are monitored through the water quality detector, so as to judge the actual situation of the water quality and see if it can meet the discharge standard!
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