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What is the difference between purified water and pure water?

by:BOQU     2023-03-15
Industrial water is divided into various types according to the conductivity of the water quality. Different pure water uses different pure water equipment. Industrial water is divided into purified water and pure water according to the degree of purification. Let’s understand the difference between purified water and pure water. What are there? Water quality: The water quality of purified water is water that does not contain any harmful substances, additives, residual chlorine, heavy metals, inorganic salts, antibiotics and other impurities. The water quality of pure water is colorless and transparent without any additives, and can be directly drunk, which meets the hygienic standards for drinking water. Prepared pure water equipment: The water purifier for purifying water can remove harmful bacteria, viruses, scale, heavy metals and other organic compounds that are harmful to the human body in the water. Generally, activated carbon, ultrafiltration, sand filtration, etc. can be used to a certain extent It can purify the water source. The pure water equipment adopts the pure water produced by the advanced ultra-thin film reverse osmosis water treatment technology, and its water quality removal rate can reach more than 98.5%, and the removal rate of substances such as E. coli, heavy metals, and bacteria can reach*. Scope of application: Clean water can be used for daily drinking, but it cannot be used for washing and showering. For example, it can be used with a water softener in areas where water resources are not serious. Pure water can be used for daily drinking water as well as industrial water, for washing water of electronic components such as integrated circuits, silicon wafers, display tubes, etc. Industrial pure water can be used for purification and preparation of water.
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