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What is the function of COD online monitor

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
With the advancement of industrial technology, many people have begun to know some instruments and equipment. These equipment may look relatively light or 'unattractive', but their functional effects are indeed worthy of recognition. For example, COD online monitor, as soon as you hear this name , Many friends do not know what kind of instrument this is, so let the editor briefly introduce it to you! The COD online monitor is currently an important equipment for monitoring whether the sewage of the enterprise meets the standard. It has a wide range of applications. It is convenient for national monitoring to connect to the Environmental Protection Bureau. It will be used in water quality control for a long time in the future and is a powerful assistant for environmental protection monitoring. 1. The COD value refers to the chemical oxygen consumption, and the COD online monitor monitors the chemical oxygen consumption of some domestic sewage and industrial wastewater in real time, so that the feedback data can better treat these wastewater. 2. The function of the COD online monitor is very prominent. No matter what the water quality is, if its chemical oxygen consumption exceeds the standard, an automatic alarm system will be activated, and then special processing personnel will carry out the next operation. 3. The COD online monitor has a heater, which is closely connected with the automatic temperature control system, so if the temperature exceeds the standard, it will also remind the relevant staff in time. Whether it is manual real-time statistics of water quality data or some automatic systems, the COD online monitor can give feedback in a short time, which can save the staff a lot of unnecessary trouble and effectively improve work efficiency.
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