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What is the function of the online nickel analyzer in water?

by:BOQU     2023-03-28
The role of the nickel online analyzer in water is well known. It is within the measurement range, the degree of gas color change is proportional to the total nickel concentration in the water sample. By measuring the color change, the water sample can be calculated. content of nickel. But users need to know more than that. The following questions and answers: Q: How much reagent does each measurement need to consume? Answer: Only 4mL reagent is consumed for each measurement, and the reagent consumption is the least among similar products at home and abroad. Q: How much time does it take to measure? Answer: This can be set arbitrarily. (Generally 15 minutes, the time for measuring a sample by the standard method is fixed, the purpose is to ensure that any water sample can be accurately measured, and the arbitrary setting of the reaction time ensures that any water sample can accurately obtain monitoring results.)
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