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What is the function of the water quality biological toxicity detector (water quality biological toxicity detector manufacturer)

by:BOQU     2022-08-11

With the increasing diversification of water quality testing methods, water quality biotoxicity detectors are widely used and play an important role in environmental monitoring, water supply, disease control and public health management. Moreover, the display results of the water quality biological toxicity detector can be displayed according to the standard requirements of the detection value (mg/L) or the toxicity prompt (low toxicity, poisoning, severe toxicity, high toxicity, and high toxicity), which is more intuitive.

At present, the water quality biological toxicity detector has a large number of application cases in the field of water conservancy, hydrology and water quality toxicity research, reservoir water quality monitoring and early warning, and the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The biological toxicity is strong and weak, and the water quality biological toxicity detector has high sensitivity. The biological toxicity detection method is a toxicity detection technology based on biosensors, which can effectively detect sudden or destructive water pollution.

Electron is a manufacturer of water quality biotoxicity detectors. This biotoxicity detector adopts bioluminescence detection technology and uses advanced silicon photomultiplier tubes, which greatly improves the detection sensitivity and can detect the luminescence of luminescent bacteria during the analysis process. Quantitative changes, rapid toxicity detection for accidents or man-made drinking water and wastewater contamination emergencies.

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