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What is the function of the water quality detector?

by:BOQU     2023-04-07
What is a water quality detector? The editor of BOQU Instruments tells you that the water quality detector is a kind of equipment for water body analysis. It can meet the needs of different industries for water quality monitoring. Detailed data of ammonia nitrogen, color, turbidity and other parameters. According to different detection parameters, it is divided into two types of detection equipment: multi-parameter and special detection equipment. The role of water quality detectors in different industries is of course different for different industries. A few examples, such as sewage treatment plants, whose main function is to centralize the treatment of urban sewage, has achieved the purpose of improving the urban water environment. Therefore, it needs to have a full understanding of the water quality received and delivered. Then let’s talk about the aquaculture industry. Everyone has heard that “raise water first for fish farming”. As an industry that relies on aquaculture, any change in the water body will have a great impact on fish. Good water quality Deterioration will directly affect the survival rate, disease incidence and growth rate of fish. Seriously polluted water quality will cause a large number of fish deaths and cause great losses to farmers. Therefore, it is very important for the aquaculture industry to know the basic indicators of water quality in real time. The water quality detector is one of the important tools for these industries to understand these water quality data. The advantages of water quality detectors compared with test paper Compared with other testing tools, water quality detectors have accurate and detailed advantages. For example, test paper is usually suitable for rapid detection when water quality changes significantly, but water quality changes are caused by many factors, and water quality When a problem occurs, usually multiple parameters have changed, so one type of water quality parameter alone can only allow you to judge what is wrong with the water quality. If you want to know the specific situation of the water quality, you also need to use water quality testing equipment. to take corresponding measures. Shanghai BOQU Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of water analysis sensors and water analysis instruments, involving industries such as: biopharmaceuticals, food and beverage, nuclear power thermal power, petrochemical, environmental protection Environmental monitoring and sewage treatment, tap water, drinking water, scientific research institute laboratories, swimming pools, etc. It has a complete range of products covering more than 90% of water quality monitoring. The regular products are in stock in sufficient quantity and can be shipped within 3 working days. The customized products are promised to be delivered on schedule.
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