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What is the humanized design of the total nitrogen detector?

by:BOQU     2021-04-28

The visible light method of the total nitrogen detector can achieve the characteristics of rapid, accurate and intelligent determination of total nitrogen. The experimental process is simple and fast. There is no need to manually calculate the data. The total nitrogen is automatically calculated, saving labor and cost. It is suitable for all kinds of complex water. It is intelligent equipment in the laboratory.

Product advantages of total nitrogen detector:

1. Built-in multi-wavelength detector, one measurement can get two parameters at the same time, including total nitrogen and total phosphorus;

2. Have good accuracy and stability;

3. The operating cost is low, and the reagent consumption and waste liquid discharge are reduced;

4. Built-in multiple functions, data storage card (can save one year's measurement data), reagent quantitative sampling miscellaneous system;

5. Can be equipped with wireless transmission function.

Product design of total nitrogen detector:

1. Double LCD display, pure Chinese operation interface, humanized design, friendly human-computer interaction interface;

2. Optical circuit design, strong anti-interference ability, high measurement data accuracy and good stability;

3. Automatic constant temperature control system, PID adjustment technology, constant temperature and high precision in the digestion process;

4. The instrument can automatically calibrate the measurement curve, automatically adjust the zero, and is easy to operate;

5. The measurement and digestion systems are designed separately, with independent power supply control, and the operation process can be carried out separately without affecting each other;

6. The instrument has a built-in DC power supply and lithium battery power supply, which can realize heating digestion and colorimetric determination of multiple batches of water samples;

7. The measurement light source adopts a cold light source, the life of the light source lamp is as long as 100,000 hours, the drift is small, and the life is long;

8. The instrument has a built-in real-time clock, and each measurement record has a measurement time stamp, which is convenient for statistics and query;

9. It has a data output interface, which can be connected to a computer to transmit measurement data to the computer;

10. The instrument comes with a thermal printer, which can directly print measurement data and historical data;

11. Suitcase style design, the lightweight, beautiful whole machine, easy to carry.

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