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What is the impact of experimental utensils on water quality analyzers

by:BOQU     2021-06-01

We all know that in actual testing, disturbances in any link may cause changes in water quality parameters, especially water quality samples that need to be collected and transported. If they are disturbed on the way back to the laboratory from the collection point, The water quality parameters obtained by the technicians must not be accurate, and there are many factors in the measurement process of the water quality analyzer that can affect the final results.

One of the most important disturbing factors is the influence of residual substances in the test vessel; various test vessels are used to carry samples for chemical reaction manufacturing, separation, or purification of substances during water quality testing. The cleanliness of these test vessels will directly affect the final results of the water quality analyzer. Therefore, in order to improve the accuracy of water quality analysis data, it is very important to clean the test vessels efficiently and safely. Today we will inform us of the impact of the test vessel on the water quality analyzer.

How to prevent the test vessel from affecting the water quality analyzer?

The only way to solve the disturbance of the test vessel on the water quality analyzer is to clean it, and there are two ways to clean it, one is to clean the test vessel by soaking, and the other is to rely on manual or cleaning tools. To clean the test utensils;

The influence of test utensils on water quality:

1. In general, the following points need to be paid attention to during manual cleaning: whether the test utensils can be cleaned in accordance with standard operating procedures, whether it can be ensured that the cleaning can be carried out in time, whether the cleaning strength is appropriate, and whether the cleaning is repeated It can be ensured that the test vessel will not cause damage.

2. Manual cleaning may not be recorded, so traceability and verifiability cannot be done. If the test fails, it is impossible to determine whether it is related to the unclean utensils.

3. Generally, a strong oxidant is used for cleaning test utensils, which is highly volatile and corrosive, and it is easy to cause certain damage to the skin and respiratory tract of the cleaner.

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