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What is the importance of drinking water quality testing

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
1. The importance of drinking water quality testing       The safety of drinking water affects people's health. If there is a problem with the quality of drinking water, it may lead to health problems or even poisoning. If the content of toxic heavy metals exceeds the standard, it will cause lesions in the human body and affect the healthy development of the body. Investigations have shown that some cancer patients are caused by long-term drinking of unclean water, and some children died after drinking polluted water. Some unpurified water can cause problems such as kidney stones, gastritis, and hepatitis in people. Therefore, the water quality testing of drinking water COD analyzer is of great significance, which can ensure the safety of drinkers.      2. Problems in the process of drinking water testing      2.1 System issues       The system is the key link to ensure the accuracy of water quality testing results. If there is a lack of effective standards and norms in this regard, the water quality testing of COD analyzers will fall into chaos, and it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy and precision of the testing results. 2.2 Personnel factors      As the subject of the final water quality test results, the comprehensive quality of test personnel is very important. If the testing personnel have insufficient practical experience, poor understanding of the testing indicators, and a weak sense of responsibility for the testing work, it will directly affect the accuracy of the testing results, which is not conducive to the improvement of water quality.    2.3 Equipment Factors     In water quality testing, many projects require the use of sophisticated and advanced equipment, such as COD analyzers, pH meters, conductivity meters, spectrophotometers, gas chromatographs, atomic absorption spectrophotometers, etc. The current water quality testing system has problems such as aging equipment, weak awareness of daily maintenance and management, insufficient investment in laboratory construction, and low operating efficiency of equipment systems. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of actual water quality testing, especially the lack of some high-tech equipment. Water quality testing 3. Countermeasures for problems in the drinking water testing process      3.1 Improve the water quality inspection management system       It is necessary for local governments to further improve the water quality inspection management system of water supply enterprises under the previous water quality inspection management system. In addition to industry testing, enterprise self-inspection and government supervision, the responsibilities of each system should be clarified, and a reasonable post structure for water quality testing technology should be set up. Water supply enterprises should formulate detailed work plans, introduce high-tech water quality inspection talents, and work with certificates. 3.2 Strengthen the management of water quality inspection data       To ensure the quality of water quality inspection data of COD analyzers, we must not only improve inspection technology, but also strengthen the management of inspection data. During the inspection process, it is necessary to keep detailed original records, and do a good job in the screening of effective figures, inspection reports, water quality evaluation and analysis reports, etc. At the same time, the inspection department should establish a sound water quality inspection data management system, form a complete inspection data management database and archives, and establish a network data management platform to provide true and complete data support for various research and decision-making. 3 Clarify the detection limit of each indicator       COD analyzer test data has a corresponding detection limit, if any item exceeding the detection limit is found, it is necessary to conduct multiple measurements to find out the cause of the exceedance and timely feedback to the superior department. When necessary, 24-hour fixed-point monitoring is required. 4. Improve testing equipment       Equipment factors are also critical to the impact of water quality testing results. Therefore, firstly, it is necessary to increase the investment in water quality testing equipment for COD detectors, and combine the scope and scale of water quality testing services of enterprises to realize the improvement of their own equipment system. Ensure that the enterprise's own equipment level can meet the needs of actual water quality testing; second, we must eliminate outdated, aging and low-accuracy equipment, and use high-quality precision instruments to improve the accuracy of test results, thereby continuously improving the quality of testing services; It is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the water quality testing equipment of the COD analyzer, realize the control of the use behavior, ensure that the equipment operates in strict accordance with the operating specifications, and do maintenance and inspection work regularly to ensure that the testing equipment is in normal operation.
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