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What is the monitoring instrument used to detect chromium in water?

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
Speaking of chromium, its chemical symbol is Cr, and its element is a steel-gray metal. In nature, it mainly exists in the form of chromite FeCr204, which is reduced from chromium oxide with aluminum, or obtained by electrolysis of chromium alum or chromic acid. According to the content in the earth's crust, chromium is one of the widely distributed elements. So what harm will it bring to people in the water? What kind of equipment do you need to detect the water in the water? In this chapter, manufacturers of water quality online monitors come to understand with you! Regarding chromium pollution, it not only threatens the quality of medicines, but also threatens the lives of the public! (For example: waste water from chromium ore smelting, refractory materials, electroplating and other industrial production and combustion has been polluted, and direct discharge will obviously have an impact on people’s lives.) The toxicity of chromium is related to the valence state of Qi, and the six Chromium valence is a definite harmful element. It is a forced mutation substance, and its toxicity is 100 times higher than that of trivalent chromium. , kidney and endocrine glands. Among them, hexavalent chromium compounds cannot be degraded naturally, and will accumulate and enrich in organisms and human bodies for a long time. Compared with trivalent chromium, the harm of chromium is really small, but its toxicity has teratogenic effect in excess. Since the trivalent chromium discharged into the natural environment is likely to be transformed into highly toxic hexavalent chromium, there are strict indicators to control the discharge of sewage pollution! In order to ensure the safety of water quality! More and more water quality monitors are used to detect whether the indicators of the various parameters in the water are qualified. So what equipment is needed to detect the chromium content in the water? The total chromium on-line analyzer produced uses acid oxidation, and the colorimetric determination of the characteristic color developer after masking the interfering ions. The pretreated water sample is injected into the colorimetric cell by the syringe pump, and then the masking agent is added to interfere with the influence of the substance, and then the pH of the solution is adjusted, and the characteristic chromogenic agent is added under the appropriate pH condition for color reaction. The degree of color change of the inner solution is proportional to the concentration of hexavalent chromium in the water sample. By measuring the color change of the solution, the content of hexavalent chromium in the water sample can be calculated. If the total chromium is to be measured, after the pretreatment, an oxidizing agent is added to the automatic line together to oxidize the chromium in various valence states into hexavalent chromium, and then the colorimetric determination is carried out.
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