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What is the monitoring principle of ammonia nitrogen sensor

by:BOQU     2023-04-18
The main function of the ammonia nitrogen sensor is to measure sewage and surface water, and to achieve the purpose of online monitoring. It does not require reagents and will not cause secondary sewage. The special working principle it adopts can monitor multiple water quality parameters at the same time, and it can be installed in a drop-in manner. Compared with traditional ammonia nitrogen analyzers, it has better economic effects. In order to facilitate everyone to have a better understanding of it, let me introduce to you what the monitoring principle of the ammonia nitrogen sensor is. Ammonia nitrogen sensor monitoring principle The ammonia nitrogen sensor uses the ion selective electrode method to measure the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. The ammonia ion selective electrode directly measures the ammonium ion in the water quality to quickly determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. Using the pH electrode as a reference electrode has better stability. However, in the actual monitoring process, the detection results of the sensor will be interfered by the dissolution of potassium ions, so when the concentration of potassium ions in the water quality is high, potassium ions need to be used for compensation. The ammonia nitrogen sensor is an integrated sensor that integrates ammonium ions, potassium ions (optional), pH and reference electrodes, and automatically detects potassium ions (optional), pH and temperature in the water body. They can jointly correct the actual measurement of ammonia nitrogen Value, to achieve simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters. Analyzing the ammonia nitrogen concentration of water quality is also an important part of judging the water quality. The KNF-107A ammonia nitrogen sensor can be installed directly into the water to make the ammonia nitrogen analysis of water quality easier. It adopts RS485 output mode and supports Modbus protocol, which is more convenient for system integration. Since the principle adopted by the ammonia nitrogen sensor is different from others, we should check whether it can meet our current detection requirements before using any sensor.
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