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What is the multi-parameter heavy metal analyzer used in industry applications?

by:BOQU     2021-12-04

The multi-parameter heavy metal analyzer can realize the batch detection of multiple items of heavy metals in the water quality, with a high degree of intelligence, simple and convenient operation. Equipped with a reference channel, the detection accuracy is high, and the operation error in the detection process is avoided. It can detect heavy metal pollutants such as hexavalent chromium, total chromium, copper, iron, zinc, nickel, and lead in the water quality. The operation is highly intelligent. easy and convenient. Supports massive data storage, printing, data analysis, icon display, and the results are simple and clear. It is widely used in water quality testing laboratories, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, pollution sources, universities, chemicals, power plants, and aquaculture.

Multi-parameter heavy metal analyzer adopts sealed catalytic digestion and then uses a colorimetric method to measure, advanced cold light source, narrowband interference technology and microcomputer automatic processing data, directly display and print the concentration value of the sample. The device is equipped with a 4.3-inch LCD screen and a flat UI design interface, which allows the detection data to be displayed more intuitively. Guided detection mode reduces learning costs. Users can easily and quickly get started. The equipment is equipped with pre-made reagents. There is no need for users to mix multiple detection reagents, just add the water sample for detection.

Product features of multi-parameter heavy metal analyzer:

1. Using ergonomic appearance design, ABS material casing, anti-oxidation, acid, and alkali resistance.

2. Built-in water quality analysis, wavelength scanning, photometric measurement, curve fitting, and many other detection functions to meet the needs of scientific research and daily detection.

3. Large-screen color LCD screen, humanized operation interface, direct reading of the concentration.

4. The instrument adopts a multi-functional colorimetric cell, which can be used for colorimetry with a digestion colorimetric tube (Φ16mm), or a multi-specification cuvette.

5. With data storage, query, and printing functions.

6. The instrument is equipped with a full set of operating procedures and manuals. The inspection videos on the website and the perfect after-sales service can solve all user problems.

7. Equipped with pipettes and special reagent consumables, the operation is simpler and safer.

8. With integrated buttons, the buttons are not easy to be damaged, and the operation is more sensitive.

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