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What is the significance of detecting bod in wastewater?

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
In the environmental protection industry, detecting the BOD content in water is a common indicator. During the detection process, the water samples are usually cultured for five days, and the dissolved oxygen difference before and after the water samples is converted into the BOD content value. What is the significance of detecting BOD in wastewater? We need to know that the general organic matter in the bucket can be decomposed by microorganisms, and microorganisms will consume a lot of oxygen in the process of analyzing organic matter. If the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient, it will lead to the hygienic ability to decompose organic matter. Decline, the water body will always be in a state of pollution. Therefore, the basis for BOD to detect pollution indicators is very clear. The higher the BOD content in the water, the more serious the pollution! The BOQUBOD speed tester is used to detect the content of BOD in water. If you want to ask for it, you can find it! This instrument is the first optical monitor with liquid flow path automatic switching system in China. It can quickly measure BOD in water. It has high automation, stable performance, convenient operation and accurate measurement. It also complies with the relevant industry standards of the State Environmental Protection Administration of my country and can be widely used Rapid detection of BOD in urban sewage treatment and various surface water and industrial wastewater.
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