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What is the significance of online monitoring of sewage water quality?

by:BOQU     2023-03-26
With the continuous progress of society, the pollution of water has gradually increased. But we know that polluted water is harmful to animals, plants and humans, and this is also a problem we must pay attention to. The instrument of the water quality online monitor is used for online monitoring of the sewage water quality, so as to judge whether the water quality is healthy. So in this chapter, the editor will share with you what is the significance of online monitoring of sewage water quality? 1. Understand the quality of sewage and provide a basis for technical solutions for sewage treatment. Because the description and definition of a kind of sewage is mainly from the perspective of its conventional water quality indicators, which contain the basic characteristics and information of sewage. Can be selected as a routine indicator, has its importance and significance (or environmental requirements, or is very important in the treatment process, or have relevant emission regulations, etc.). The water quality characteristics of sewage determine which treatment method it is suitable for, and conventional indicators provide a basic and important basis. 2. Provide reference for water treatment process operation. Taking biological treatment of wastewater as an example, each process unit has relevant requirements for influent water quality, and the effluent water quality must also meet the design effect, so it is necessary to monitor the sewage water quality online at each process node, and use this to judge whether the operation is normal. If it is abnormal, it can also make a prediction from the water quality index. To sum up, water quality monitoring is used to reflect the basic characteristics of water quality and provide quantitative indicators for sewage.
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