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What is the significance of the existence of oil in water detector?

by:BOQU     2023-03-28
Vegetable oils and animal fats must be used in the production of biofuels, biomethanol, edible oils, oleic acid or simple unsaturated fatty acids. In the refining of these oil products, there is always the risk of oil and fat being discharged with sewage. The online oil-in-water detector can help you quickly discover oil leakage, thereby greatly saving the cost of sewage purification and treatment. This is a new hot spot in water quality monitoring in recent years. It can cover many fields such as oil fields, petrochemicals, oil refining, oil extraction, oil transportation, industrial cooling water, circulating water, boiler water, reclaimed water reuse, etc. Real-time, fast and accurate detection technology has become New applications require. The oil in water detector uses several optical sensors to detect the refraction of light and the intensity of reflected light by the oil droplets in the water flow sample. The signal of the sensor calculates the content of oil in the water through the micro-processing system and forms a linear reading output. If one alarm (factory setting 10ppm) alarms, the second alarm will run after the set time has elapsed. The microprocessor system will continuously test the sensor components and related electronic components to ensure the accuracy of the measurement beyond the maintenance time or under the condition. The commonly used analysis methods of oil in water analysis technology mainly focus on: gravimetric method, infrared spectrophotometry, non-dispersive infrared method, ultraviolet spectrophotometry, fluorescence photometry, chromatography, ultrasonic method, turbidity method, light scattering method, after many years The limitations of their applications, such as large volume, complex structure and operation, low sensitivity, poor selectivity, slow analysis speed, long analysis time, or for laboratories, or the need to add adsorbents, etc., limit their application fields. The ultraviolet oil detector uses mineral oil/animal and vegetable oil excited by ultraviolet light to produce fluorescence characteristics in the visible light band. In terms of instrument design, it can be used not only for online monitoring, but also for laboratory applications. The instrument made by the fluorescence method has very good selectivity for oil in water. Compared with common detection methods, it has the characteristics of fast analysis speed, no sampling, no reagents, and no need to calibrate the instrument. In the development of the instrument for many years, relying on the advantages of compact design, intelligent data, simple operation, convenient on-site installation, plug and measure, easy maintenance, and reliability and durability in long-term online monitoring, the design has been constantly updated and improved. , become the industry's leading equipment.
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