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What is the structure and function of the sewage online monitoring system

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
The main function of the sewage online monitoring system is to monitor the sewage water quality in real time. If the discharged sewage does not meet the standard, it will promptly remind the staff to take some treatment measures. In practical applications, different types of monitoring systems are composed of different structures, and There are also some differences in the functions. In order to help you better understand the sewage online monitoring system, let me introduce to you the structure and functions of the sewage online monitoring system. Sewage online monitoring system structure 1. Sewage monitoring software: B/S webpage form, supporting remote access by computer and mobile phone. 2. Networking type: public network dedicated line, monitoring center adopts fixed IP. 3. Communication method: 4G+INTERNRT 4. Acquisition and communication equipment: (1) Water resource controller: It can collect electricity, inflow/outflow water flow, and outflow water quality data in real time, and communicate with 4G router through RS232 serial port. (2) 4G router: The data collected by the water resource controller and multi-channel video images can be uploaded to the monitoring center regularly or in real time. Functions of the sewage online monitoring system 1. Users can remotely monitor the operating status and operating data of each sewage treatment station. 2. The real-time video of the sewage treatment station can be viewed remotely through the computer or in reality. 3. Automatic alarm for discharged sewage exceeding the standard, and can monitor various parameters: COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, suspended solids. 4. The water treatment capacity and effect of the sewage treatment station can be counted and analyzed through the system. 5. Reserve water pumps, fans and other equipment for subsequent maintenance operations. The structure adopted by the sewage online monitoring system is different from other monitoring systems, so its functions in the application are also different. Before we choose a device, we should clarify our own detection purpose, so that we can choose the one that meets the detection requirements. equipment required.
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