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What is the working principle and application of the water quality detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
The water quality detector uses a sensor, a special instrument specially used for water quality analysis or component analysis, which can accurately detect ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, BOD, COD, turbidity, PH, dissolved oxygen and other water quality components in the water. And its use method is also very simple, only need to be installed correctly in the monitoring site to monitor the water quality. Since the principle of the water quality detector is different from other types of water quality detectors, their application fields are also different. In order to facilitate everyone's understanding of the water quality detector, let me tell you about the work of the water quality detector What is the principle and function. Working principle of water quality detector Water quality detector generally adopts the principle of electrochemical reaction or chemical agent reaction to make water quality flow through the instrument, and then use colorimetry, titration or conductivity measurement methods to calculate various items in the water quality content. Application field of water quality detector 1. The sensor used in the water quality detector has explosion-proof certification and can be used to monitor flammable and explosive water bodies. 2. Similar to surface water, industrial sewage, drinking water source water quality monitoring, investigation, monitoring or screening. 3. Real-time monitoring and control of the water inflow, effluent and water treatment process of the water plant, guiding the optimization of dosing and related process control. 4. Monitoring of key sections of surface water bodies, inspection of pollution sources, investigation of exceeding standards, daily monitoring of water quality of rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. 5. Urban water supply projects, water supply pipe network, drainage pipe network, secondary water supply and groundwater quality monitoring, screening and monitoring. 6. Urban sewage treatment, industrial sewage treatment process, intelligent guidance, aeration rate and residence time and other key process control. 7. Daily monitoring and investigation by the petrochemical industry monitoring department, leakage accidents, surface water pollution, drinking water pollution monitoring and early warning. The above is the introduction to the working principle and function of the water quality detector. The working principle it adopts is different from other equipment, and the water quality detector has many characteristics in the process of use, so that it can be used in a wide range of applications. in the field.
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