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What is Thermal Pollution? What will happen if the water body is polluted like this?

by:BOQU     2023-03-21
Thermal pollution is a kind of energy pollution, which is caused by industrial and mining enterprises discharging high-temperature wastewater into water bodies. So what happens when water bodies are thermally polluted? In this chapter, manufacturers of online water quality monitors come to understand the problem of thermal pollution of water bodies with everyone. In some thermal power plants and various industrial heat processes, if the cooling water is directly discharged without taking measures, the temperature of the water will rise, and the speed of chemical and biochemical reactions in the water will increase accordingly, making some toxic substances (such as cyanide) Chemicals, heavy metal ions, etc.) have increased toxicity and reduced dissolved oxygen, which will affect the survival and reproduction of fish, accelerate the reproduction of some fish, promote overgrowth of aquatic plants, anaerobic fermentation, and stench. Fish growth has a suitable water temperature range. If the water temperature is too high or too low, it will affect its growth, and even lead to death. Of course, different fish have different requirements for water temperature. For example, tropical fish are suitable for 15-32°C, temperate fish are suitable for 10-22°C, and frigid fish are suitable for 2-10°C. Another example is that although trout live in water at 24°C, their breeding temperature is lower than 14°C. Generally, the upper limit of water temperature that aquatic organisms can live in is 33-35°C. In addition to the above thermal pollution of water bodies, there are other aspects of pollution that are harmful to the ecological environment and human health! Relevant departments have required major enterprises to install water quality monitoring equipment to monitor changes in water quality in real time, and then discharge them after targeted treatment.
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