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What is Turbidity?

by:BOQU     2023-03-21
We all know that in today's era, the degree of water pollution is becoming more and more serious, which seriously affects people's daily use. Therefore, the detection of water quality has become an indispensable task for relevant departments, and water turbidity is one of the detection items. one. What is Turbidity? Turbidity is the turbidity of water, which shows the degree of obstruction of suspended matter in water when light passes through. Suspended solids and colloids such as soil, dust, fine organic matter, zooplankton and other microorganisms in the water can cause turbidity in the water. The turbidity meter was born according to this principle to measure the turbidity of water. The turbidity of water is not only related to the content of suspended substances in the water, but also related to their size, shape and refractive index. What is the measurement principle of the turbidimeter? The turbidimeter sends light through a section of the sample and detects how much light is scattered by particles in the water from a direction 90° to the incident light. This method of scattered light measurement is called the scattering method. A beam of parallel light propagates in a transparent liquid. If there are no suspended particles in the liquid, the beam will not change direction when traveling in a straight line; or not). This forms what is known as scattered light. The more particles (higher turbidity) the more severe the scattering of light. What is the unit of turbidity? Turbidity, that is, the degree of turbidity of water, the unit is expressed in 'degrees', which is equivalent to 1 mg of SiO2 (or non-curved kaolin, diatomaceous earth) in 1L of water, the degree of turbidity produced is 1 degree, or Jackson. The unit of turbidity is JTU. The turbidity displayed by modern instruments is the scattering turbidity unit NTU, also known as TU, 1NTU=1JTU. The unified standard FTU is adopted in the world, 1FTU=1JTU. What are the components of a turbidimeter? The optical system of the nephelometer consists of a tungsten lamp, a 90° detector for monitoring scattered light, and a transmitted light detector. The instrument microprocessor can calculate the ratio of the signals from the 90° detector and the transmitted light detector. This ratio calculation technique corrects for interference due to chromaticity and/or light-absorbing substances (such as activated carbon) and compensates for effects due to fluctuations in light intensity, providing long-term calibration stability. The optical system is also designed to reduce drift light and improve test accuracy. What is the scope of use of the turbidimeter? Turbidity meter, also known as turbidimeter. It is widely used in the water quality monitoring of sewage treatment plants, power plants, paper mills, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., and is also suitable for testing the turbidity of water samples in laboratories and in the field. The turbidity meter is often used as the necessary inspection equipment for drinking water plants to apply for QS certification. How does a turbidity meter measure results? So how is this turbidity value obtained? When a certain incident light intensity is used to pass through water samples of the same thickness and different turbidity, different transmitted light intensities will be obtained, and the extinction value is proportional to the turbidity. Obtain the turbidity value of the water sample. What is the significance of using a turbidimeter? Nowadays, our life is changing with each passing day, more informatized and intelligent, but we still have to rely on nature, especially the safety of the water environment is the prerequisite for our survival. The current water pollution is so serious, we must ensure the safety of our water, The measurement accuracy of measuring instruments such as turbidimeters is directly related to our personal and property safety, so it must be paid attention to by users.
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