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What is water quality chromaticity? What is the detection instrument called?

by:BOQU     2023-03-21
Chromaticity is one of the sensory indicators for water. Water is originally a colorless, odorless, tasteless transparent liquid. When there are certain substances in the water (such as some soluble organic matter, some inorganic ions and colored suspended particles, etc.), the water may become colored. The situation, that is, the water will appear a certain color is the chromaticity. Water quality chromaticity is an indicator for the quantitative determination of the color of natural water or various water after treatment. Natural water often shows different colors such as light yellow, light brown, yellow-green, etc. The reason for the color is due to humus, organic or inorganic substances dissolved in water. What are the instruments for testing water quality chromaticity? This depends on the specific detection method that needs to be used. The water quality chromaticity online monitor is a fully automatic online monitor controlled by an embedded system, which is suitable for real-time online monitoring of chromaticity in various water qualities. The working principle is that after the sample is filtered by the membrane, it is pumped into the measuring pool, and the chromaticity value of the water sample is calculated through the change of the water sample's induction to light. Dilution, the measurement range of water quality chromaticity can be greatly expanded by multiple dilution method. The instrument can be widely used in online automatic colorimetric measurement of sewage, surface water, drinking water and other water quality.
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