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What method is used to diagnose the fault of the online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-04-03
The online residual chlorine detector is an online monitor with a microprocessor, which is composed of an electronic unit and a measuring unit (including a through cell, a residual chlorine battery and a pH battery). Used in drinking water treatment plants, drinking water distribution networks, swimming pools, cooling circulating water, water quality treatment projects, etc. to continuously monitor and control the residual chlorine content in aqueous solutions. The product adopts SMD electronic components, intelligent, menu-operated man-machine dialogue, and has functions such as output power and two sets of switch control. The residual chlorine meter is composed of signal measurement, calculation, display, network communication and panel instructions. The residual chlorine electricity contains temperature electricity and pH electricity. The sampled signal is amplified by the instrument amplifier into a low-resistance voltage signal and sent to the calculation to display the measured value. What method should we use to diagnose when the online residual chlorine detector fails? 1. Observation method Use sight, smell and touch. The general damage of the instrument is due to discoloration, blistering or burnt spots of the components; burnt out devices will produce some special smells; short-circuited chips will become hot; weak soldering or desoldering can also be observed with the naked eye. 2. Comparison method requires two instruments of the same model, and one of them is in normal operation. This method also requires necessary equipment, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, etc. According to the nature of the comparison, there are voltage comparison, waveform comparison, static impedance comparison, output result comparison, current comparison, etc. The specific method is to let the faulty instrument and the normal instrument operate under the same conditions, and then detect the signals of some points and compare the two sets of measured signals. If there is a difference, the source of the fault can be determined. 3. Elimination method It is a method to judge the cause of the fault by plugging and inserting some plug-in boards and devices in the machine. When the instrument returns to normal after a certain plug-in board or device is unplugged, it means that the fault occurred there. 4. Knocking method The good and bad operation of the instrument may be caused by poor contact or false welding. Percussion and hand pressure can be used. The so-called 'knocking' is to gently tap the plug-in board or components with a small rubber head or other knocking objects on the parts that may cause failures, to see if it will cause errors or shutdown failures; , After turning off the power, press the plugged parts, plugs and seats firmly by hand again, and try again to see if the fault will be eliminated.
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