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What monitoring instruments are needed for wastewater treatment

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
Before testing the wastewater, it is necessary to understand the specific conditions of the water quality, for example, to clarify which wastewater parameters need to be tested, and then to choose the appropriate monitoring instrument. There are many types of wastewater, common ones are medical wastewater, industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, etc., and the instruments that need to be used in these industries are also different. Let's take a look at which monitoring instruments are needed for wastewater treatment. What monitoring instruments are needed for wastewater treatment 1. COD water quality analyzer: This is a device used to detect chemical oxygen demand in surface water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater. 2. Ammonia nitrogen online monitor: After on-site installation, it can run for a long time without personnel on duty. It is usually used in places where wastewater exists, such as wastewater discharge, sewage treatment plants, and environmental quality surface water. Measures to ensure the stability and detection accuracy during detection, and can also meet the detection needs of different environments. 3 Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen Monitor: It can realize a single measurement of total phosphorus and total nitrogen parameters, and is usually used in the fields of circulating cooling water quality monitoring, sewage discharge monitoring and other fields. 4. Biological toxicity online monitor: Based on the toxicity detection system developed by biosensing technology, it can provide an effective water pollution detection method. Since the acute toxicity water quality test can generally be completed within 5 to 30 minutes, it can ensure a rapid response to water quality changes. It is based on luminescent bacteria, which will release light during metabolism. At this time, the toxicity of water quality can be judged by the intensity of light. 5. KNF-400C Sewage and Wastewater Online Monitoring System: A long-term online monitoring system developed by Shenzhen KNF, composed of sensor units, data acquisition and transmission units, seven-inch touch screen display units, IoT cloud platform and other core devices, to realize enterprise Wastewater, urban sewage, rural sewage, aquaculture sewage and other water quality automatic sampling, and real-time online monitoring and early warning functions. Compared with a single monitoring instrument, there are more parameter items that can be monitored at the same time. Various types of monitoring instruments can be used for wastewater treatment testing, but in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the appropriate type of monitoring equipment should be selected according to the actual cleaning as much as possible.
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