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What needs to be done for wastewater monitoring after construction projects are completed?

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
When our construction is completed, the acceptance and measures of environmental protection facilities are essential. That is to see if there are installation facilities, if it is installed, is it just for decoration? Then the environmental protection acceptance of its water quality online monitoring is an important part. How was it accepted? After the project is completed and put into operation, the discharge concentration and discharge volume of pollutants in wastewater are determined to determine whether various pollutants meet the standards. The monitoring objects include various wastewater treatment facilities supporting the construction project and the interface communicating with the external water environment. , For new projects, the outlets of production wastewater, clean sewage and domestic wastewater, as well as the import and export of wastewater treatment facilities must be monitored. As for the reconstruction and expansion projects, in addition to the above contents, the monitoring content also includes the outlets that overlap with the completed projects. In addition, for projects with special requirements in the environmental impact report, such as waste water flowing into rivers and lakes, it is necessary to monitor the water body receiving waste water to investigate the reduction trend of pollutants, the water quality after receiving waste water, and whether it will impact on groundwater, etc. However, the specific monitoring pollution factors must be able to reflect the characteristics of different types of pollution, and the pollutants discharged by different enterprises will also vary. However, monitoring personnel must go deep into the site to understand the process route and the characteristics of the discharged wastewater, and according to the environmental impact report, and the pollution factors determined by the preliminary design. Copper should follow the control items in the implementation standard! The completion inspection and acceptance monitoring of construction projects should reflect the pollutant discharge of the project, provide accurate and reliable monitoring data, and not violate the regulations of our country, and determine the frequency of monitoring on the basis of not increasing the burden on enterprises. For pollution sources with stable production and regular discharge, the production cycle is taken as the sampling cycle, and the sampling period shall not be less than 2 cycles, and the sampling frequency per cycle is generally 3 to 5 times, and the instantaneous sampling of wastewater with stable discharge shall not be less than 3 times. Of course, this is for projects that have wastewater treatment facilities and are in normal operation. It is necessary to monitor the inlet and outlet monitoring points of the monitoring and treatment devices of wastewater treatment facilities, and to monitor the discharge of wastewater up to the standard, as long as it is the discharge outlet of the pollutant workshop or workshop treatment facility, it is also necessary to set up a point. Water quality online monitor manufacturer: It is a comprehensive technology-based company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of various water quality monitoring equipment. At present, various water quality analyzers developed and produced by itself are widely used in online water quality management monitoring and on-site emergency in different industries Water quality monitoring, etc. The main products are: COD online analyzer, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, total nitrogen online analyzer, water quality biological toxicity online analyzer, water quality E. coli online analyzer, total residual chlorine online analyzer and other instruments.
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